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29 Apr 2016
Islamic Finance Techonology and Innovation
Technological advancement in finance provides better and faster access whilst providing newer financial transaction options. Currently, through internet and mobile banking, customers are able to execute financial and non-financial transactions from any location. As Islamic finance progresses, technology is becoming a key enabler for future business.

07 Apr 2016
Islamic Finance Talent Development: Africa
The growing potential in Africa is expected to create more opportunities for Islamic finance, in light of its robust economic prospects and rising consumer base. As Islamic financial industry continued to experience growth, there is a dire need in highly skilled and talented human capital workforce that can drive the future developments and innovations of the industry.

21 Mar 2016
CIS Region: Future Prospects for Islamic Finance 
The rapid development of Islamic finance in various jurisdictions will open the opportunity for Islamic finance to further prosper in the CIS region given the advancement of global financial integration and the natural progression of the Islamic financial industry.

26 Feb 2016
Islamic Wealth Management Growing Stronger Globally
The global Islamic fund and wealth management sector continued to experience growth due to the increasing a uence of investors who wish to invest surplus funds in a Shariah-compliant manner and to diversify their investment through Shariah-compliant funds.

18 Feb 2016
Islamic FInance: Bridging the Funding Gaps of SMEs and MSMEs
Being the backbone of both developed and emerging economies, SMEs and MSMEs have limited access to finance, resulting in a funding gap. Islamic finance, with its portfolio of asset and equity-based financing solutions and its foundational philosophy of achieving financial inclusion, is well suited to bridge this gap.

29 Jan 2016
SRI & Green Sukuk: Challenges & Prospects
There has been a growing interest toward SRI sukuk or green sukuk lately, with a number of sukuk of this class being issued in the global market to finance environmentally friendly projects. This report looks at SRI & green sukuk’s future as well as the challenges surrounding its growth.

15 Jan 2016
Islamic Finance: Development in Non-Traditional Markets
The Islamic finance industry’s geographical presence has grown beyond its traditional markets in the Middle East and South East Asia to include new players from diverse regions such as Africa, East Asia and the Americas. Given the bright prospects for the industry in these markets, it is likely that Islamic finance will continue to expand there.

07 Jan 2016
Islamic Funds Industry: 2015 Review & Outlook
In 3Q 2015, total global Islamic assets under management (AuM) stood at USD60.2 billion. The sector is conservatively projected to grow by 5.05% per annum for the next five years to reach USD77 billion in value by 2019. This is substantiated by a number of facts, such as the average growth rate of Islamic funds at 9.55% per annum over the past five years.

10 Dec 2015
Islamic Finance Talent Development: Global Initiatives
The growth of talented human capital is an essential step towards a sustainable Islamic finance system. Globally, while many countries are hindered by a shortage of skilled Islamic finance workforce, they are also implementing initiatives to counteract this issue. Ideally, these countries aim to supply an Islamic finance workforce that is equipped with the right set of competencies and skills.

25 Nov 2015
Takaful: Growing from Strength to Strength
Takaful is an important growing sector in the Islamic finance industry, with continuous positive growth momentum in key markets and estimations of continued double-digit growth globally. While the GCC and ASEAN are expected to continue to lead the global takaful markets with their substantial growth, emerging markets within Europe and Africa are also showing significant growth potential.

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