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EPICENTRE October 2020: Connect to the global halal industry: Halal Integrated Platform 01.10.2020
EPICENTRE August 2020: E-Money as a Shariah Compliant Payment Instrument 31.07.2020
EPICENTRE June 2020: What's Next for Islamic Finance post Covid-19? 29.05.2020
EPICENTRE April 2020: Measures to assist in managing the impact of Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia 03.04.2020
EPICENTRE February 2020: Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Initiatives 27.02.2020
EPICENTRE January 2020: Performance of Global Sukuk Market in 2019 29.01.2020
EPICENTRE November 2019: Centralised Shariah Advisory Authorities in IF preserve sanctity of Shariah and sustain public confidence 12.12.2019
EPICENTRE Oct 2019: Bank Negara Malaysia issued Policy Document on Shariah Governance 16.10.2019
EPICENTRE Aug 2019: Islamic finance is alive and kicking in Malaysia 12.09.2019
EPICENTRE July 2019: Malaysia’s local currency sukuk market outperforms expectations 01.08.2019
EPICENTRE June 2019: Fintech - Future of Islamic Finance 02.07.2019
EPICENTRE May 2019: Malaysia's Takaful Industry Continued to Achieve Upward Trend in 2018 28.05.2019
EPICENTRE April 2019: Waqf as Re-Distributive Instrument to Address Poverty 02.05.2019
EPICENTRE Mar 2019: Malaysia's Islamic finance charts positive growth in 2018 26.03.2019
EPICENTRE Feb 2019: Key Facts on VBI 28.02.2019
EPICENTRE Jan 2019: New Year Edition 31.01.2019
New Standards, New Achievements and New Year! 21.12.2018
EPICENTRE 29/11/18 - First Ever Malaysian Commercial Case heard (and to be decided) by a 9-member Bench in the Federal Court of Malaysia 29.11.2018
EPICENTRE 12/11/2018 - Tax breaks for sukuk issuance in Malaysia 12.11.2018
EPICENTRE 22/10/2018 - Value-based Intermediation to Reinvigorate Industry 22.10.2018
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