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25 Sep | Monday
Sukuk Going Green: Malaysia Continues to Drive Innovation

The paradigm shift towards a more sustainable investing has geared up. Green finance that forms part of the segment is also gaining traction, particularly to support transformation efforts towards green economy. Estimates show that the world needs up to USD90 trillion1 worth of infrastructure investment by 2030. It is estimated that investments in oil, coal and gas must decrease by about one-third by 2030, while investments in renewables and in energy efficiency must increase by at least a similar portion if we are to keep global average temperature rise below 2oC. This presents a significant opportunity for green finance to be part of mainstream investment and financing activities. The broad scope of green finance involves financing of investments that generate benefits to the environment with the ultimate aim to achieve inclusive, resilient and sustainable development. This includes low-carbon transport, such as rails, metros, trams, cable cars, electric or hybrid buses and low-emission buildings for new constructions and retrofitted existing buildings.

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source: MIFC
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